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For a limited time offer, annual Marine Construction Industry Association dues are $250 per member firm.

All marine-related businesses that are in compliance with local and state regulations are eligible to join. Examples include marine product manufacturers, distributors and retailers, suppliers, marine and environmental consultants, marine contractors, specialty contractors, marinas, boat builders, dredgers, divers, and more.

MCIA represents industry interests before various levels of government: local, state, federal, district, regional.

We issue regular updates on developments on our blog, by email, and by phone.

Additional services (such as helping prepare a bid for a RESTORE project) are available.

Business membership in MCIA is tax-deductible as a business expense.

Click to download an application. To discuss how MCIA can help your business, download the application, then call us at: 850-391-7674.

$250 Annual Dues

MCIA focuses on performing one job extremely well: advocating on behalf of our industry whenever -- and wherever -- government is involved.

No other industry group offers our experience, expertise, and capabilities.

Stand above the rest!

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  1. Dependable, proven, respected leadership on industry issues at the state, federal and local levels.
  2. Promote boating and other water dependent activities through informed review of existing laws and rules.
  3. Champion the importance of advocacy and being stakeholders for water dependent activities.
  4. A level playing field, including clear license standards, affordable and available insurance, reasonable permitting requirements, and science-based environmental standards.
  5. An Advisory Board of seasoned industry experts with whom you will be proud to associate.
  6. A marine construction industry association designed to lead!







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